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Release, Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement: Purchaser agrees that it is his or her responsibility , (not Queen Stiletto LLC), to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws with regard to possession and use of any items purchased from this site. Buyer agrees to consult their local and state laws before ordering. Buyer agrees that by placing this order, he or she has reached the legal age of 21, has a valid Illinois FOID card and that the product ordered will be used only in a lawful manner , and hereby releases the seller, (Queen Stiletto LLC), from any and all liability that may stem from any misuse, either directly or indirectly, of the product purchased.
By purchasing below retail cost, purchaser is considered a bonafide dealer as described in United States Federal Regulations 18 USC 1716 (g) (2) (1-4) and as such represents and states that sales will not be made to the general public, but only be made to those individuals and entities described in 18 USC 1716 (g) (2) (1-4) and 15 US 1244 (2-4) and any other local, state or federal laws regarding the ownership of such item purchased.
For Shipments outside of Illinois:
Queen Stiletto LLC requires that you carefully read the requirements set forth below, and accept and agree to the terms of this acknowledgement form prior to your purchase or receipt of an automatic opening knife.
By placing an order for, or receiving an automatic opening knife product, you agree that you meet any or all of the following criteria established by Federal law:
Federal law prohibits shipment of automatic knives across state lines, with the following exceptions:
1.  To civilian or Armed Forces supply or procurement officers and employees of the Federal Government ordering, procuring, or purchasing such knives in connection with the activities of the Federal Government;
2.  An active Armed Forces member or employee acting in the performance of his or her duty;
3.  To supply or procurement officers of the National Guard, the Air National Guard, or militia of a State, Territory or the District of Columbia ordering, procuring or purchasing such knives in the connection with the activities of such organization;
4.  To supply or procurement officers or employees of any
State or Territory, or the District of Columbia ordering, procuring, or purchasing such knives in the connection with the activities of such government;
5.  To manufacturers of such knives or bona fide dealers therein in connection with any shipment made pursuant to an order from any person designated in paragraphs 1,2,3 and 4.
Queen Stiletto will not sell automatic opening knives to any customer unless such sale or receipt is made in compliance with one or more of the above conditions.