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Welcome (Please Read Before Placing Order)

Welcome fellow Illinois FOID holders! We finally have the right to buy/sell/own automatic knives in Illinois. This is a privilege for all FOID holders which we do not want jeopardized. We are doing our part to make sure everything is safe and legal on our end. Therefore, a few words about our Verification Process.

1) Please upload a photo of your FOID on the product page before adding the product to the cart. This may seem odd, however it is the only way Shopify will allow us to do this without using a 3rd party app (which I refuse to use as it compromises privacy). You must upload a copy of your FOID for the order to be verified.

2) Your FOID name and address must match your Billing name and address. We need to be sure you are who you say you are ;)

3) You may ship to an address that is different from your Billing Address, however, we DO NOT SHIP outside of Illinois or to Chicago or Oak Forest (or others with local ordinances prohibiting) addresses.

4) We cannot fulfill orders that cannot be verified or have shipping prohibitions. We reserve the right to email you seeking additional information or to cancel the order.

Thank you and Happy Hunting!